The most advanced safety wearable ever.

rescue helps shave critical seconds off emergency response time. When the wearer enters the water or presses the panic button, everyone nearby is alerted via rescue’s linked base station’s visual and audio alarms.


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In crisis, what saves lives?

When emergencies happen, time is of the essence. With Alrt and rescue, responders are alerted effortlessly.

Read details below to learn more about Alrt and rescue.

Always Connected, Water Activated, Safety – in style.


About Rescue

Integrated with Alrt

Rescue is directly integrated with the PunchAlert platform and apps. It can be utilized by organizations.

Available in the app

Offered directly on the Apple app store and the Google Play store, Rescue is baked directly into PunchAlert.

Available on the web

Rescue device management is offered via the web with an intuitive interface that works in all up to date browsers.

How it works

Key Features

The Wearable

Two copper connectors automatically detect when the wearable is submerged and alerts the rescue base station immediately. Users can also press the recessed panic button to trigger an alert.

The Base Station

The rescue base station connects with all the wearables and even other base stations to provide a web of aquatic safety.


The rescue wearable communicates with the base station via low-power LoRa (Long Range) wireless technology that enables connectivity measured in miles, not feet.

Seen AND heard

With its piercing siren and ultra bright LED lights, the rescue base station will never go unnoticed.

Powered by PunchAlert

An included PunchAlert subscription enables the rescue base station to alert all responders, not just those nearby.


Rescue has been in development for a while and the result is a tough-as-nails and dependable product.

...and even more

Frequent updates

Rescue becomes better with every iteration. We love the product and enhance it as we can.

Active community

Our community grows day by day. Visit and check how it is to be a part of our family.


Designed from the ground up to be used in a wet and mobile world.

Technical support

We care about reliability and user experience. If you have any questions - do not hesitate to contact us.